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masterpiece of mercy

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Original Divine Mercy

A hub of information and exclusive merchandise related to Divine Mercy including the only place online where the digital replica of the Original (Vilnius) Image can be acquired.

The Original Image of Divine Mercy

The quintessential documentary about the Original Image of Divine Mercy. Follow the history of the original painting by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski, and learn about its improbable survival having been abandoned, sold, forgotten, stolen, and smuggled. A fascinating film.

Movie Trailer




Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae

The new documentary on the outcome of the free-love experiment of the last century set against the backdrop of Paul VI's groundbreaking encyclical about love, sex, and marriage.

Movie Trailer



Divine Mercy Tours

Visit the beautiful ancient town on the tip of Wester Europe where Saint Faustina had her mystical visions. Vilnius is the permanent home to the Original Image of Divine Mercy, and tours are always being scheduled.


Springtime Productions

The online home of the small start-up production company behind so many artistic endeavors from film and music, to books and plays - all promoting the Good, True, and Beautiful.


The Catholic funk band that cut the path for Catholic Music as it appears today. With hits like Fishers of Men, Silliest Girl in Lourdes, and the Fresh Noel Christmas album, Crispin toured the world for almost 10 years selling hundreds of thousands of CDs. Reunion anyone?


Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Vilnius

The permanent Home of the Original Image of Divine Mercy. Saint Faustina's Masterpiece is not in Krakow as many believe, but in a very small church in "Old Town" Vilnius (Lithuania). The sanctuary is in a small church that was once named Holy Trinity, and was the last church where Father Michał Sopoćko worked before he escaped to Bialystok (Poland) in 1947. 

Official Site

Virtual Tour with Daniel diSilva


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